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In order to be able to adapt the use of the Internet to your needs, and at the same time to guarantee the optimization of the data that appear for you, our site uses cookies. A cookie is a standard feature of web pages in the form of a text file that is transferred to your device, the purpose of which is to collect search information on our site. Cookies are downloaded by your browser the first time you browse the site. Furthermore, they are used for the functioning of our site to be better and more functional, by the fact that during your further visit to the site they will recognize you, and will make your use of the site more convenient. At the same time they inform us about the usefulness of certain segments of the site, as well as which sections need to be improved. For example, remembering your settings, we should not ask you what country you are from whenever you visit our website.

The data we collect is for statistical purposes only and not for personal purposes. Cookies cannot transmit viruses to your devices.
After opening our page, the cookie option pops up as a pop-up window at the bottom of the site, where you can choose to agree to their use, or continue browsing the site without consent. If you refuse the use of cookies, it may affect your user experience and the functionality of our site. Additionally, you can change your browser settings at any time, which are usually found in the `options`,` tools` or `preferences` menus.

Ние користиме колачиња со цел да го подобриме Вашето искуство на нашиот веб сајт.

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